Ramps For Entertainment

“Rampart Hotel & Casino Las Vegas” have become the latest buzzword in the gambling world. Located inside the JW Marriott Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, “Rampart” is filled with adventure and excitement. Come enjoy one of the numerous games we offer to you to play at your table or from slot machines to a number of other table games. You can even choose to purchase tickets to our events or shows. The casino itself has a great deal of entertainment to keep everyone entertained while they are there.

rampart hotel and casino las vegas

There are so many entertainment options that it might seem hard to choose just one or two. However, the main entertainment option is the “Hollywood Squeezitin’ Show,” which is one of our largest shows of the year. People love going to see this show because of all the exciting performances by celebrities and dancers. Another great option for entertainment at our Las Vegas hotel is our “Ladies Night Out.” If you’re looking for a great show with a great dancer, this is the place for you.

The only drawback to visiting the “Rampart Hotel & Casino” Las Vegas is the time it takes to get to the hotel. This hotel is located at the edge of the Las Vegas Strip. It is on the far west side of town. You can usually park and get there a little faster than if you were to drive down the strip. Also, there is limited parking available in this area. If you do not have a vehicle to tow, then this is not a great choice for you as the parking fees are quite high and you could be towed out by the police if you are not careful. However, the entertainment offered at the hotel is definitely worth the parking and transportation fee.