The Legacy and Goal of the Marriott Rampart Casino

The ultimate poker experience is at the International Star Casino and Resort, in the heart of Las Vegas. The largest gaming room in the Las Vegas Strip, with floor seating for up to eight players. With the World Series of Poker Tournament Series in full swing and a custom designed playing field inside of the MGM Grand. Several hundred loyal card players have made it their home away from home. All in all, it is a premier destination for discerning poker players of all experience levels.

marriott rampart casino las vegas

With a state of the art computerized or LCD liquid crystal display feature for tournament tables and score tables. This is a totally unique home on the Las Vegas Strip. Players can play at their comfort of their own home and see the table and score. This is a welcoming feature for newcomers to Las Vegas.

For the savvy professional there is the entire building, in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip and the world famous World Series of Poker Tournament Series inside of the Mandalay Bay. Not just a poker parlor but the house of the tournament’s winning judges. One just has to pay the admission fee of twenty-one dollars to get in and poker players and non-players can enjoy Las Vegas time away from the busy people in their own private lounge.